Get Your Electrolysis Hair Removal Facts Straight!

There are so many myths and misconceptions about permanent hair removal out there, it can make you very confused on which avenue to invest in. This is especially true when it comes to the only FDA-recognized and approved method of permanent hair removal known as electrolysis. If you have heard about electrolysis before, but have not yet looked into it as an option for your hair removal needs, it is about time you did! But first, be sure you have your facts straight!

Continue below to review some facts about electrolysis that will clear up some common surrounding misconceptions you might have heard.

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Electrolysis Misconceptions to Ignore

As mentioned, there is a lot of fake news going around about electrolysis and permanent hair removal. Because such beauty treatments are an investment, it is important to know the truth about your options before choosing to spend your money on one. However, once you learn the real facts behind electrolysis hair removal, you will most certainly have your mind made up! That is because electrolysis really works!

Here are some common misconceptions that you might have heard before, and the reason why they are not true:

“Electrolysis is painful.”

No, electrolysis is not painful; at least in the way that people make it out to be. Electrolysis treatments produce the same level of pain that you would experience while getting a wax or tweeze. In fact, many clients claim that tweezing and waxing are more painful than electrolysis! You may feel a little pressure, some heat, and perhaps slight burning or tingling sensations.

“Electrolysis Causes Serious Side Effects.”

After an electrology treatment, the regarded area might appear a little pink, or even slightly swollen, but both are very common and temporary side effects. Clients may experience some additional side effects, such as tenderness, redness, inflammation, and maybe a little acne, but nothing more serious. Overall, your reaction electrolysis will depend on several factors, including your skin type, current medications, and more. In fact, if you are taking any prescription medications, or suffer from any chronic skin conditions, it is important to consult with your doctor before beginning electrolysis.

“Electrolysis is Not Permanent.”

Quite the contrary; electrolysis is the ONLY method of permanent hair removal recognized by both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The secret lies in the IB probe technology, which sends an electric current to the root of hair follicles, targeting and destroying the papilla cells responsible for hair growth. This technology does not harm the surrounding skin, and works well with all hair types and skin tones. Electrolysis hair removal is 100% effective as long as you complete all your treatments.

“Electrolysis is the Same as Laser Hair Removal.”

Electrolysis is the process of using heat or chemical energy to permanently remove unwanted body hair by destroying the central growth cells of hair follicles. A specialized electrology medical device called an IB probe is inserted into an individual hair follicle, sending an electrical current straight to the root of the hair. This electrical current cauterizes the papilla, thus hindering the follicle’s ability to produce more hair. See our blog, “Comparing the Value of Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal” to review this topic in more detail.

“Electrolysis is Too Expensive.”

Sure, like any permanent cosmetic procedure, electrolysis is priced higher, but it is still quite affordable. The total cost will depend on several factors, such as the skin type, hair type, amount of hair being removed, and the number of treatments needed to achieve full results. This means that the total cost for electrolysis will differ from person to person. You can expect the average single treatment to cost between $50 and $100 per hour, or $10 to $15 per 100 hair follicles treated. To know for sure, simply consult an Indianapolis Certified Professional Electrologist (C.P.E.) to receive a customized quote.

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