Electrolysis & Permanent Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions our clinic receives from potential clients about electrolysis. As a prospective client of ours, we are more than happy to answer your questions personally, any time. Call (317) 845-1002 to schedule a free initial consultation to learn the best permanent hair removal options unique to your skin type. Receive a free quote at your first appointment!

Is Electrolysis Painful?

It is a common misconception that electrolysis is painful. Although it is no day at the spa, the treatment process is usually no more painful than tweezing or waxing. In fact, many clients advocate that tweezing and waxing are more painful than electrolysis! Furthermore, modern technological advancements made to electrology machines and equipment have made the process much less painful than decades ago. This is mostly due to the fact that these innovative improvements deliver the same level of results, but at lower intensity settings.

The extent of pain or discomfort a client experiences will depend on several factors, primarily personal pain tolerance. Additional factors that may increase pain or discomfort during electrolysis treatments include sun-burnt skin, allergic reactions to something eaten or applied to the skin, medications, and more. For those who are not very pain-tolerant, your C.P.E. can apply a topical anesthetic to reduce sensitivity.

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

Electrolysis is not cheap, but it is affordable. The price you pay depends on several factors. The most influential factors include your skin type, hair type, amount of hair being removed, and the number of treatments needed to achieve full results. This means that the total cost for electrolysis will differ from person to person. It is important to consult a Certified Professional Electrologist to receive a personalized quote for electrolysis.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis is the process of using heat energy to permanently remove unwanted body hair by destroying the central growth cells of hair follicles. A specialized electrology medical device called an IB probe is inserted into an individual hair follicle, sending an electrical current straight to the root of the hair. This electrical current cauterizes the papilla, thus hindering the follicle’s ability to produce more hair.

Are There Side Effects to Electrolysis Treatments?

Like any medical treatment, electrolysis can cause a spectrum of side effects, ranging from barely noticeable to moderately serious. However, most side effects are temporary and easily manageable. Possible side effects may include:

If you recognize any side effects following an electrolysis appointment, contact your Certified Professional Electrologist for advice. If you believe your symptoms are serious, or you are in severe discomfort, seek emergency medical attention or call your doctor right away. Pregnant women should seek advice from their doctor before starting treatments.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Electrolysis?

Most areas that grow hair are treatable with electrolysis. This includes upper lip, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, forehead, side burns, arms, under arms, hands, bikini line, legs, feet, back, shoulders, abdomen, breasts, and more. Electrolysis hair removal may be performed on most skin moles, so long as licensing regulations permit the procedure. Your C.P.E. may require written approval from your doctor.

How Many Electrolysis Treatments Will I Need?

The total number of electrolysis treatments you will require for permanent hair removal is virtually impossible to know until the process begins. Treatments are priced per session and clients come in for appointments until there is no more hair growth. The total number of treatments mostly depends on your hair type and the amount of hair you wish to have removed, so the amount of sessions will differ from client to client. Most clients report that electrolysis takes anywhere from 1 to 4 years, and more so for facial hair removal. Clients come in once a week or every other week, and sessions last between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Will Electrolysis Permanently Remove My Unwanted Hair?

Electrolysis hair removal is 100% effective as long as you complete all the treatments necessary to stop hair growth for good. With the proper amount of sessions, electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair, regardless of hair type or skin tone.