The 3 Types of Electrolysis Procedures

In today’s electrology industry, there are three modalities of electrolysis to choose from, galvanic, thermolysis, and one that is a combination of the two. The type you choose will largely depend on your personal preference, hair and skin type, and which clinics are located nearest to you. Continue reading to learn more about each type of electrolysis procedure, and determine which one is best for your permanent hair removal needs.

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Indianapolis Electrology Clinic 317-845-1002

The Basics of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal procedure that uses an electrical current to cauterize the hair follicle’s papilla, or growth center of the hair, which in turn, prevents new hair growth. An IB probe is used to send an electrical current directly to the papilla by inserting it into each individual hair follicle. Over a period of time, and after multiple sessions, all hair growth is eventually full impeded.

Galvanic Electrolysis

Galvanic electrolysis is a chemical process that uses a chemical reaction, rather than an electrical one, to destroy the inner hair growth cells. This approach to hair removal dates back to 1875, and is considered a very outdated, unsafe, and ineffective procedure. In fact, galvanic lye (sodium hydroxide) is a chemically unstable compound, and although it works well to destroy hair growth cells, it continues to penetrate other tissue layers, which can cause damage to the epidermis.

Thermolysis Electrolysis

Putting galvanic electrolysis in the past, thermolysis electrolysis became a better alternative. Appositely known as short-wave electrolysis, this approach uses a short-wave that produces heat to cauterize the papilla. In many cases of thermolysis electrolysis, a higher-intensity current is applied to speed up the process, or, a lower-intensity current is applied for better results overtime.

Combination of Modality

Also referred to as the electrolysis blend, clients have the option of choosing a blended approach of galvanic and thermolysis electrolysis. Basically, this process introduces both a galvanic current and a thermolysis current, for the purpose of destroying the inner hair growth cells. The galvanic current is sent first, while the thermolysis current is sent after to heat up the chemical reaction taking place.

Personalized Electrolysis Advice in Indianapolis

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